Modern consumers are highly visual, thanks to social media. To sell any product online, you need to impress your target consumers with great photos of the product. Unfortunately, consumers are bombarded with millions of images floating around the internet. You’re literally competing with cute puppies, insta models, celebrities, memes and even eggs. It, therefore, takes a lot of impress potential consumers. In this article, we present to you, product photography ideas that will take your business to the next level.

Product Photography Ideas
Product Photography Ideas

Product Photography Ideas

A few product photography ideas to consider trying include selling experiences, show the product being used, use models and more when it comes to incorporating images into your advertising campaign. 

What You Need

Unless you have the budget for a professional product photographer and advertising firm, you will need more than your phone’s camera and the product to produce great images. Below is your starter pack:

1) A camera 

2) A variety of backgrounds

3) A tripod stand (optional)

4) Lighting

Note that lighting can be natural, artificial or both. As for the backgrounds, a natural setting is best suited for some images while white backgrounds work best when you’re trying to focus on the product. There are many ways to capture your images and below are a few ideas to consider:

Sell Experiences

Rather than trying to sell your product, sell the experience it brings to consumers. It works well for products considered a luxury or competitive. For instance, if you’re selling smartphones, you can capture images of people taking selfies with one of the phones. After all, people value phones with awesome cameras. Therefore, showcasing such an enviable experience will attract the right attention.

Show the Product in Use

Are you selling a niche product whose use is unclear to consumers? You might want to be elaborate and creative with your product photography ideas. Often people fail to buy a product because they don’t know how to use it. Capturing the product in use will, therefore, help clarify matters and may even attract consumers outside your target demographic when it comes to retail advertising.

Use Models

Have you heard of the term FOMO? It means the Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is considered a modern-day disorder but it can also help move your products. Consumers want to know about trends and own the “coolest” products. It’s no secret that models help reinforce FOMO because they are trendsetters. If you’re selling lifestyle products, you might want to pay models to pose in them. Products such as fitness wear, shoes, clothes, bags and phones would move faster if captured in this manner.

Zoom in on the Product

At times, too much creativity can ruin the chances of selling. Some consumers simply need reassurance that what they’re paying for is what they’ll get. If you’re selling products that rely heavily on particular specs to move, give consumers zoomed images of specific features. For instance, if you’re selling a durable bag, you can emphasize on durability by zooming in the lens to capture strong straps, fabric or zipper. 

Bottom Line

In summary, there are tons of great product photography ideas but you cannot possibly apply all. Just narrow down to your target audience and what they respond to. Also, establish what people expect to gain from your product and use images to express it. Lastly, consider the availability of resources such as specialists who know extensive knowledge in product photography and stick to your area of expertise. You can even look into news and blog publications for the latest updates in product photography and advertising. Remember, a bad image is worse than no image at all.

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