The number one position on Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work went to Facebook in 2018. They’ve been prominent on this list for a decade now, no doubt due to their high salaries, exclusive perks and career potential. However, John Walke, the leader of the engineering team responsible for JSX, is an example like Facebook that shows that these might not be the most important job qualities.

Facebook onsite interview questions

Facebook has some of the most in-demand positions on the planet. As you can imagine, they have unique systems in place to bring efficiency to their hiring process, and also to select the best candidates. With tech talent moving to other cities on the West Coast, they’re more aware than ever that they need to be on the ball. This list of the top 10 questions that are asked in Facebook interviews is certainly valuable for large tech companies, as well as the top startups you like.

Tell Me About Your Best Collaboration Experience

Effective collaboration is a huge asset for virtually any company, whether it be in creating brand awareness or engineering quality products. This simple question allows you to determine a candidate’s ability and willingness to collaborate, as well as their unique style. This is a major consideration when comparing them with the culture of your company now, and what they can add to collaborative experiences in the future.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

A consistent level of motivation is as closely related to job performance and attitude as possible. Those things that both inspire and cause pain for an employee, like office politics or job security, might be the wrong reasons to do good work. This question is particularly insightful in finding those key qualities that your company has in common with a prospective employee.

How Do You Build Relationships?

According to a survey white paper by the National Business Research Institute, healthy work relationships are more important to job satisfaction than salaries and positions alone. It’s also an important factor in doing effective work, along with skills and education.

What Would Your Response Be to an Interviewer Not Showing Up? 

At first glance, this might seem like a simple test of initiative. However, it’s a way to find out in the candidate’s own words how they would respond to a negative situation and reach a solution or desired outcome.

What is One Project You’re Proud Of?

This question opens the opportunity for an interviewee to give a testimonial on themselves, their work and their team. If you listen carefully, it’ll tell you a lot about how they give credit to others, promote their company and position, and what they value most in their work ethic.

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Why Do You Want to Work for Facebook?

Aside from what they can offer to your company, this question reveals how they see themselves growing and evolving in the process. It’s also a great way to find out how well they know your company and its values. Ask about Facebook ad recall lift, for example, to determine their familiarity with new features.

What is the Highest Accolades You’ve Received at Your Current Position? 

Leaders are often most aware of their true strengths when others recognize those qualities in them. This method of finding out how self-aware a candidate is valuable in determining the qualities that people in your organization will appreciate most.

What Would Be the Most Challenging Aspect of Entering this Position? 

Like the previous question, you’re more likely to get an honest version of their self-awareness in terms of weaknesses with this type of phrasing. It also allows them to identify their perceived constraints in both roles, with more forward-thinking answers.

Tell Me About a Time that You Had a Disagreement with Your Manager.

This question is more about finding out how they interact and follow up with management, than it is about who was right or wrong in a given situation. Because each employee has their own personality and style, this can be extremely valuable for matching a candidate with the right team, whether it be in retail marketing services or data analysis.

What are Facebook’s Challenges in the Coming Years?

The crucial aspects of this question are a candidate’s ability to research and analyze important trends in the tech industry, as well as imagining and communicating their vision for the future. How they see major problems, and what opportunities they might present, will tell you about their knowledge of the overall industry as well.

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