What Is Quality Assurance In Software Testing? – A Critical Step

Most people get very confused when it comes to telling the difference between testing, quality control and quality assurance. People often use these terms interchangeably as they consider them the same activities. Although there are some differences between them, even though they may sound similar. To know more about what is quality assurance in software testing, then you’ll need to know the differences too. Read on for more information.

What Is Quality Assurance In Software Testing?

What is Quality Assurance?

Q.A. or quality assurance is a process-oriented activity which is more about ensuring the implementation of the procedures and processes. It also means the verification of developed software and other requirements. It mainly focuses on the procedures and processes rather than the testing on the system. It is also a subset of the STLC or software test life cycle.

Differences Between QA and QC

So, what is the difference between quality assurance and quality control? Whereas quality assurance is more of ensuring implementation of the process, the quality control is about verification of the developed software. The quality control also focuses on actual testing by executing the software unlike quality assurance. The main aim of the QC is to identify if there is any defect or bug in the implementation of the process. Quality assurance is more process-oriented, whereas the quality control is completely product-oriented. Actually, the quality control is considered as one of the subsets of quality assurance.

What is the Difference Between QA and Testing?

The testing is more about ensuring the identification of the defects, bugs and errors in the software. It is actual testing and unlike quality assurance, testing is a completely product-oriented activity, this is a preventive process which is to ensure that the software and site is completely perfect and free of any errors or bugs.

Role of the Quality Assurance Team

The role of the quality assurance manager or team is quite crucial for any IT firm or business. They ensure whether or not the final product meets the certain thresholds and criteria. They provide a detailed report about the software. They plan, direct as well as coordinate different programs of the quality assurance to formulate the quality control policies. They also have a crucial role in improving the efficiency and profitability of the organization by reducing the waste.


So, what is quality assurance in software testing all about? It has several benefits like reducing the cost by lowering the wastage within a business. It also helps to make sure that the product is perfect by re-working on the product at every stage. It helps to improve the quality of the software and also it ensures that people or clients are getting the best product. The software is built or designed while keeping some of the criteria or benefits in mind. When the software meets each and every threshold and criteria seamlessly and perfectly, then the quality assurance team or the manager pass the product. Hence, it has a very important role to play.

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