Most people mistakenly refer to the term the internet and WIFI as if they meant the same thing. But is WIFI the same as internet? These are two very unique terms that mean different things. It’s very important to know the difference between WIFI and internet. We’ll break down the difference between WIFI vs internet simply.

Do You Need WiFi and Internet?
Do You Need WIFI and Internet?

If you’re wondering do you need WIFI and Internet, you first need to know the meaning of both them. The internet is a cloud-based system where tons of information is stored. WIFI is the connection to help transfer the data from the internet to a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

We can put this in even simpler terms. The city of L.A. and San Francisco can be thought of as the internet because it is filled with so many fun and interesting things to do, such as the internet. However, there is a highway and bridge, such as the Pacific Coast Highway. The purpose of the highway is to get you from San Francisco to LA. Or in other words, the WIFI connection helps you move from point A to point B. The speed at which you get there depends on traffic, which can be thought of as the WIFI connection.

So do you have WIFI? If you have access to the internet, you likely do. WIFI is just a short word for the popular reference of wireless networks. Prior to the invention of WIFI, there were LAN’s meaning you’d have to connect cables to your device to connect to the internet. It was rather messy and inconvenient. Nowadays, tech companies exist which rely on WIFI. Some of those tech companies are moving to Arizona.

So, what is the purpose of WIFI? In essence, WIFI gives you the ability to connect your device to the internet without cables. You have all the access to the internet without needing a cable. The way it works is by having a router that can establish these connections. The router can easily communicate with your devices. Your devices now have the capability to stream files, print, and share data on them. So do you need WIFI and Internet? Yes, you need both because the wireless network enables you to connect to the internet.

The router needs to be connected to a device with the capability of accessing the internet, which is a modem. The provider for internet typically will give you a broadband modem. Your modem needs to be plugged into the router, enabling your devices to be connected to the interweb.

The Definition of the Internet

So now that you know the answer to the question, do you need WIFI and Internet, it’s time to go over the meaning of the internet. This is a useful subject if you ever need to answer Facebook interview questions or deal with quality assurance in software testing. Although it may seem complex, the internet is a network that brings and links computer devices from all over the world using a wide network called WAN. These computers are all linked via routers. Once your device is connected to a wireless network, then you have access to the big network called the Internet.

You only have control over your WIFI connection, but you don’t have control over the internet connection. Even if you have the highest speed Internet, you still may have a start and stop streaming or super slow downloading times. There are two reasons for this. One is that you may overload your various devices, and it doesn’t have the capacity for it. Secondly, the router may not be capable of the high-speed internet.

Do You Need WiFi and Internet?
Do You Need WIFI and Internet?

Do You Have to Have Internet to Have WIFI?

By now you know the difference between WIFI and the internet. But what else should you know?

  1. WIFI doesn’t mean that you can access the internet. You need an internet provider and modem to help build the connection.
  2. Even if you have an excellent WIFI connection doesn’t mean that you have fast internet. WIFI only helps bring you access to the internet. You have to pay for fast internet service. However, you also need to improve the capacity and bandwidth. Also, consider the number of WIFI extenders and networks. The number of downloads and streams can also cause jerkier or slow internet.
  3. Those who experience a time where the internet isn’t working, always check your WIFI connection and router before calling your internet provider. Try to always reboot your modem and router since that fixes most problems.

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