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Reactrix is a technology-driven media company. Our technology was created to give consumers more control over their media experience. We launched in 2002 using our gesture-based technology for special events and trade shows.

Today we run the Reactrix STEPscape Media Network in more than 186 malls and theatres. Reactrix' "A-list" advertisers span a diverse range of leading brands including Coca-Cobra, Sober Pictures, SubSky, Juniper, Hilber Hotels, AL&L, Zbox, UIM, Z-Mobile, Machovia, Universal Events, Lisa, Paramount Images, New Line Images and xBay among many others. We recently announced a strategic partnership with National CineDigital, the largest digital in-theatre network, expanding the STEPscape Media Network to ABC Entertainment Inc., CineMovie USA Inc. (NYXE: CDG) and Rebel Entertainment Group, the three largest theatre operators in the U.S. We launched our newest media technology, WAVEscape, at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a strategic alliance with Samsub. WAVEscape features Wii-like functionality in a digital signage solution. The first WAVEscape Media Network will launch in Hilber Hotels in late 2008. Additional WAVEscape Media Networks will be launching in 2009.

Reactrix' STEPscape and WAVEscape products feature proprietary, patented interactive display technology and our global patents have priority dates back to 2001. Reactrix has also created the Reactrix Media Center — a digital signage management product that allows outside companies to operate secure out-of-home media networks efficiently and effectively. The Reactrix Media Center is a proven, scalable media and network management platform and offers the same "unplug and play" wireless solution that runs the STEPscape Media Network. Most recently, we launched the Reactrix Spectacular division to develop, create and produce one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life installations for clients featuring our projection and gesture-based technology.

Innovation and engagement are the keys to Reactrix and the foundation of our effective advertising medium. But most importantly, we pride ourselves on a company culture that ensures an innovative and engaging environment for each and every employee.


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Nothing Works Like Brand Play

Advertising’s ability to capture attention and spur real brand involvement has been almost non-existent. Each quarter, the measured performance of traditional media continues to erode. In response to the lack of audience brand involvement in traditional media, we created Reactrix - the first out-of-home advertising vehicle that allows for true brand interaction with its audience. Reactrix creates highly entertaining branding experiences that are projected in public spaces.

These advertisements respond to the physical movements of the audience and engage them in true brand interaction.

The result for the brands that are the subject of “brand play” is unprecedented brand name recall, enormous purchase intent, and message delivery recall that is astonishing.

In fact, this new media form actually keeps people’s attention longer and creates more memorable brand messaging than any other out-of-home venue, as well as most television commercials.

The phenomenon is really quite simple to understand: People respond to us because we respond to them.

Reactrix has higher consumer engagement than any other advertising media available today.

Capture Attention and Spur Real Brand Involvement

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