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08/12/08 | NBC Tech Notes
Olympic Technology [PDF]: The company bringing us this projection-based tech is called Reactrix. You may have actually stepped on its advertisements before ...they're in malls all over the place these days, letting you swim, kick, or push your way through an ad.

08/11/08 | Adweek
Just Asking [PDF]: Lauren de la Fuente, Vice President Marketing and Brand Solutions for Reactrix, was asked by Adweek, "Will the Olympics help the economy, national morale or have no lasting effect?"

07/30/08 | MediaPost
'Minority Report' Is 5-10 Years Away [PDF]: Currently this technology is being used by one company, Reactrix, to deliver advertising alongside interactive social entertainments, like games projected in public places.

07/21/08 | DM News
Kmart, Warner Bros. to take The Dark Knight to malls [PDF]: The retailer has also teamed up with out-of-home media network Reactrix for an in-mall marketing effort.

07/17/08 | Movie Marketing Madness
Movie Marketing Madness: The Dark Knight [PDF]: Kmart's position as the preferred destination for Batman merchandise is being promoted by interactive marketing firm Reactrix Media Network, the creators of those floor-based display units that passers-by can, well, interact with.

07/10/08 | Screens.TV
Kmart Chooses Reactrix for Batman Promotion [PDF]: In an unusal project linking a retailer, a movie company and an out-of-home advertising network, U.S. department store Kmart is to use Reactrix' STEPscape digital floor displays to promote its own promotion of the new Batman movie.

07/10/08 | Digital Signage Universe
Kmart partners with Warner Bros. and Reactrix to Promote The Dark Knight [PDF]: The interactive Reactrix ads incorporate the Batman Headquarters, products, and promotional messages and allow consumers to literally interact with the Kmart's Batman-branded merchandise.

07/10/08 | Promo Magazine
Kmart Brings Dark Knight to Stores [PDF]: Kmart is hitting malls and theatres with floor-projection interactive ads by the Reactrix Media Network.

07/09/08 | MediaPost
Kmart Strikes Deal to become Batman Headquarters [PDF]: Kmart's program includes a floor-projection technology called STEPscape developed and marketed by Redwood City CA-based Reactrix Media Network.

07/09/08 | Forbes
Kmart Partners with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to Promote the Theatrical Release of The Dark Knight [PDF]: To further engage consumers, the Reactrix Media Network will feature an exclusive STEPscapeTM interactive spot for Kmart and Warner Bros. campaign.

07/04/08 |
A Display That Tracks and Records Your Movements [PDF]: Samsung and Reactrix are moving beyond touch screens and trying to make hand waving the next big computer interface.

06/26/08 | AKA
Reactrix And Samsung Link For Digital Signage In Hilton Hotels [PDF]: Interactivity is moving away from the simple interactive interface and companies like Reactrix are at the leading edge of the more 'human' interfaces.

06/24/08 | DC 101
New Interactive Ads Coming To Hotels [PDF]: The Reactrix ad-screens will be able to 'see' people standing up to 15 feet away, and will invite hotel-goers to come play games, navigate menus, and use maps on the screens.

06/22/08 | ABC News
A Display That Tracks Your Movements [PDF]: There could be a revolution brewing in billboard advertising. Instead of simply presenting a static image, why not let people interact with the advertisement? This is the vision of electronics giant Samsung and interactive advertising company Reactrix Systems.

06/20/08 | MIT Technology Review
A Display That Tracks Your Movements [PDF]: Samsung and Reactrix move beyond touch screens and try to make hand waving the next big computer interface.

06/16/08 | MediaPost
Advertisers Head Into Orbit With 'Space Chimps' [PDF]: For Palisades Media, the creative force behind Starz's advertising blitz, Reactrix Systems' STEPscape became the perfect marketing tool for a movie that encourages kids to "become like chimps."

06/16/08 | MediaPost
Cinema Ads See Blockbuster Growth [PDF]: National CineMedia is working to make the lobby experience more engaging in partnership with Reactrix which will install its interactive digital displays in the lobbies of theaters owned by NCM's cinema partners.

06/16/08 | BrandWeek
Case Study: Fun and Games with the Sears Catalog [PDF]: The Sears Wish Book is steeped in history but a shopper marketing program devised by Reactrix gave it a 21st century twist.

06/09/08 | Broadcastbuyer
Digital Signage Conference Indicates The Digital Signage Industry Has Reached Tipping Point [PDF]: All the indications are there that the digital signage industry is finally starting to emerge from an indefinable market to one where high-level partnerships are being formed and sustainable revenue flows are being realized.

06/09/08 | Tech Closeup
High-Tech Advertising - Become a Part of the Ad: Silicon Valley ad technology company, Reactrix, creates interactive displays for advertisers, where consumers just move their hands around in front of the screen, and things on the screen move around too - this is science fiction come true!
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06/05/08 | MediaPost
Mobile Feedback: Screenvision Launches Cinema Polling [PDF]: The interactive polling is the latest in a series of new features introduced by cinema advertisers. A few months ago, Reactrix, which operates interactive digital displays, signed a deal with National CineMedia to install Reactrix displays in the lobbies of NCM member theaters.

06/05/08 | Media Buyer Planner
Polling Via Text Messaging Hits National CineMedia Theaters [PDF]: In addition to interactive polling, cinema ad networks have introduced several other new interactive features in recent months. Reactrix signed a deal with National CineMedia to create interactive displays in theater lobbies.

06/03/08 | Aviation Daily
Clear Channel, Reactrix Ink Interactive Airport Ads Deals [PDF]: Clear Channel Airports has signed a strategic agreement with media company Reactrix Systems Inc. to bring interactive advertising to U.S. airports.

05/23/08 | MGH Thoughts...NOW
Interactive Content in our Daily Lives [PDF]: As consumers are often averse to marketing messages, Reactrix is an example of how companies are trying their hands at ads that do more than just spout a message.

05/19/08 | ClickZ
Convergence: It's Back [PDF]: Digital experiences are shared experiences, drawing attention from the crowd and encouraging a new level of interaction not only with brands but also with other people.

05/15/08 | AdAge
A Glimpse Into the Store of the Future [PDF]: Digital Retail Experiences are Interactive, Tactile. Reactrix' technology allows a consumer to access information such as price points and the nearest store to purchase the product at hand.

05/15/08 | The Sydney Morning Herald
Korea is totally wired [PDF]: Marketing people are excited about Reactrix, a new advertisement projection platform in which ads will no longer be ignored as mere urban wallpaper.

05/12/08 | Budget Travel
Airports installing ads that "come to life" [PDF]: Soon at major airports, Reactrix projectors will beam advertisements on terminal floors.
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05/09/08 | AdAge
Use of Human-Sized Video Game Panel Ads Spreads [PDF]: Those wall-to-wall airport crowds have become a coveted audience for OOH interactive ads. Video installations on walls and floors function like human-sized digital game boards, interacting with passing people.
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05/08/08 | AdAge
Airports, Malls Get More 'Gesture' Ads [PDF]: This week, Clear Channel Outdoor announced a multiyear agreement with gesture-based ad company Reactrix to power interactive ads in all of its airport locations - call it "Minority Airport".

05/07/08 | SmartBrief
Clear Channel, Reactrix to install interactive ads in airports [PDF]: Clear Channel Airports has teamed up with Reactrix Systems to provide interactive, digital ad displays in most of the country's top airports.

05/06/08 | MediaBuyerPlanner
Clear Channel-Reactrix Partner for Airport Displays [PDF]: Clear Channel Airports has signed with Reactrix to sell and license Reactrix' STEPscape displays in airports.

05/06/08 | Digital Signage Insights
Clear Channel Links with Reactrix for Airport Interactivity [PDF]: Thanks to a new partnership with Clear Channel, Reactrix displays will soon be gaining a foothold in airports.

05/06/08 |
Industry Buzz & Snippets [PDF]: Reactrix was chosen by Clear Channel to install its STEPscape ad displays in airports where Clear Channel manages ad placement.

05/06/08 | AKA
Reactrix Sign Exclusive Deal with Clear Channel Airports [PDF]: Reactrix is moving beyond only managing its own networks - and establishing some big ticket partnerships with other network operators.

05/06/08 | sixteen:nine
Reactrix bags airport deal with Clear Channel [PDF]: Clear Channel Airports has worked a partnership deal with Reactrix Systems to start sticking those digital projection systems into major airports around the US.

05/06/08 | MediaPost
Clear Channel Taps Reactrix Displays For Airports [PDF]: Clear Channel Airports, a division of Clear Channel Outdoor, will have full responsibility for the operation, sales and licensing of Reactrix' STEPscape displays for its airport partners.

05/06/08 | MediaWeek
Reactrix, CC Airports Cut New Pact [PDF]: Interactive out-of-home media company has further expands its reach into the new frontier of floor-based kinetic digital marketing

05/05/08 | TMC
Reactrix and Clear Channel Outdoor Bring Ads Right to Your Feet [PDF]: In a bid to further engage pilots and passengers in U.S. airports with their advertising messages, Clear Channel Airports has entered in a multi-year strategic agreement with Reactrix Systems that will display marketing messages on lit up terminal floors.

05/01/08 | Reuters
Can Hi-Tech Bring Families Closer? [PDF]: Some tech companies believe that high technology can bring families together. Samsung is working with Reactrix to create a Wii-like interactive technology for big screen TVs.
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04/22/08 | Media Talk
Cinema growing, growing, growing... [PDF]: Cinema continues to enhance experiential models to improve upon brand integration in marketing efforts. NCM recently announced a joint effort with Reactrix to test interactive video ads on theater floors in six theaters in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas.

04/22/08 | DDP_Blog
The Future of Advertising [PDF]: In the 15 minutes that I spent at the Reactrix site, the setup had attracted a crowd of more than 50 people. Men and women, young and old were all attracted by the display. The experience of being involved hands-on, and the novelty of this new form of mass media definitely has a future.

04/21/08 | MediaPost
In-Store Ad Boom: Channel M Gets More Funding [PDF]: Channel M is not the only company that is increasing its capabilities. In March, Reactrix announced a deal with National CineMedia to bring its interactive displays to the lobbies of movie theaters owned by NCM affiliates including AMC, CineMark, and Regal.

04/21/08 | The Industry Standard
Channel M, Ripple and others lock horns in the battle for the retail display ad market [PDF]: Retailers are starting to invest in interactive displays which can show dynamic ads inside stores to better target customers. Reactrix, for example, builds ads into interactive games that people can play in public places such as floors through laser projectors on ceilings.

04/17/08 | The Guardian
Robots Nag and Sofas Whine in the Land of Digital Natives [PDF]: Ads will no longer be ignored as mere urban wallpaper; now they are fun and interactive, thanks to Reactrix, a US-based interactive ad company.

04/16/08 |
Screenvision and National CineMedia Announce Interactive In-Theater Innovations [PDF]: NCM is teaming with Reactrix to test interactive video ads on theater floors in six theaters in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas.

04/04/08 | eMarketer
Digital Out-of-Home Marketing Space Race [PDF]: Subways, shopping malls, buses, airports, taxis, office buildings, gyms, elevators, public bathrooms and just about anywhere there is a captive audience, you'll find an ad. These ads, which have traditionally fallen into the "Outdoor" category, are now better described as "Out-of-Home (OOH)."

03/28/08 | iMedia Connection
Who's Playing the Out-of-Home Game? [PDF]: Reaching consumers when they are away from their TVs and computers is becoming big business for marketers. See how Coke, Visa and others are taking their digital strategies into the outside world.

03/25/08 | MediaPost
Former G4 Execs Jumping To Place-based Video [PDF]: More TV executives are migrating to place-based video networks in sales and marketing roles, continuing testimony to the medium's rapid expansion and growing appeal to advertisers.

03/17/08 | MediaPost
Reactrix Eyes Interactive Place-Based Commerce [PDF]: Reactrix wants to begin including interactive commercial transactions in the capabilities of its place-based digital displays.

03/17/08 | MediaBuyerPlanner
Reactrix To Add Purchasing Power To Interactive Digital Displays [PDF]: Reactrix plans to add free digital downloads first, and then move on to commercial transactions.

03/12/08 | MediaBuyerPlanner
Movie Theaters Keep Upping Interactive Ante [PDF]: Leading cinema advertiser National CineMedia and Reactrix, creator of interactive displays, have teamed up for new, interactive lobby installations.

03/12/08 | MediaPost
Interactive Theater Ads Sense Moviegoers' Movement [PDF]: Advertisers looking past big screens and concession stands for glances that leave a mark on moviegoers have a new tool. National CineMedia (NCM) has plans to install Reactrix' STEPscape platform in theater lobbies across the United States, beginning this fall in the Top 10 markets.

03/11/08 | AKA
Reactrix Gesture-Based Interactivity To Go National with NCM [PDF]: Pilot deployment will kick off Reactrix STEPscape and WAVEscape installations in National CineMedia accross the country.

03/11/08 | MediaPost
Action! Movie Theaters Beef Up Interactive Displays [PDF]: Reactrix to begin installing STEPscape and WAVEscape systems in National CineMedia locations across the country.

03/10/08 | Brandweek
The Biz: Coming Soon To A Theater Near You [PDF]: A recently inked deal with Reactrix Systems will put motion-sensitive ad panels on the floors and walls of AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Marcus Theaters and other chains in NCM's network in top markets.

03/10/08 | MediaWeek
Reactrix, Nat'l CineMedia Strike Ad Pact [PDF]: A new relationship calls for NCM to represent Reactrix' interactive advertising on floors and on flat panel screens in the lobbies of select theaters across the country.

03/01/08 | Fast Company
The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies [PDF]: At number 15, Samsung has created a TV that lets viewers move what's on the screen with the wave of a hand. Its collaboration with Reactrix is just a taste of the impact of the world's fastest-growing consumer-electronics company.

03/01/08 | Bank Marketing
Pedestrians Stop and Check Out Interactive Wachovia Wall Display [PDF]: In San Francisco, Wachovia recently used an interactive display at a subway station to promote the fact that World Savings Bank had become part of Wachovia.

02/21/08 | Advertising Age
'Minority Report'-Type Ads Gain Traction [PDF]: Out-of-Home Seller Reactrix Steps Up to Provide Metrics

02/21/08 | Future-Making Serious Games
Serious Games Creating Entertaining Branding Experiences [PDF]: Reactrix creates highly entertaining branding experiences that respond to the physical movements of the audience and engage them in true brand interaction, or "brand play".

02/20/08 | MediaPost
Ads Mesmerize Mall Shoppers – And Me [PDF]: Getting consumers to interact with your brand is every marketer's dream. Reactrix presents ads in malls that are engaging, entertaining, and a pleasure to remember.

02/04/08 | San Francisco Chronicle
Wave of the Hand (or foot) [PDF]: Body gestures could be the future in controlling technology

01/24/08 | The Motion Applications Report
A Conversation With Reactrix About Motion Sensing Advertising [PDF]: Reactrix' WAVEscape enables gesture-based group experiences that will lead to more effective brand messaging and higher unaided recall than conventional out-of-home advertising.

01/15/08 | G4
Wii-Like Advertising Coming [PDF]: Reactrix Systems' Wii-like game systems effectively advertise at the same time, spearheading a movement of "Wii fever" that is expected to hit the advertising world soon.

01/14/08 | IT World
CES: Reactrix, Samsung show off Wii-like game system for TVs [PDF]: Software developer Reactrix Systems showed off a gaming system made for LCD TVs that mimics the Wii game console in that people punch the air to hit a boxing opponent or swing their arms to return the ball in a game of volleyball.

01/14/08 |
CES 2008 Wrap: Tech's Crystal Ball [PDF]: Samsung shows off the Reactrix control technology, which enables the viewer to control the TV with "the most intuitive technology we know – our hands".

01/14/08 | PC World
Wii-Like Game System Works with LCD TVs [PDF]: Reactrix Systems unveils a gaming system made for LCD TVs that resembles the Wii game console and scores in entertainment value. Beyond the fun and games, however; Reactrix moves forward with the next great step in advertisement technology in mind.

01/13/08 |
CES 2008: Reactrix develops Wii-like game system [PDF]: WAVEscape was created for large advertising displays, intending to draw in new customers by letting them play and interactive game.

01/12/08 | CBS News
A Look Back at the Future of Electronics [PDF]: Reactrix Systems stands among the increased offerings of touch interface as a trend in this year's CES.

01/11/08 | XBox
International CES 2008 [PDF]: Major Nelson previews this revolutionary interactive technology, where your gestures allow you to manipulate objects on-screen

01/10/08 | San Francisco Chronicle
CES: Reactrix Does Wii-like Motion Sensing Too [PDF] : Reactrix is looking to sell its motion-sensitive system as an advertising display that can also provide information and entertainment as well. That makes it more ideal for mall situations like the Metreon in San Francisco, where customers will be able to walk by and begin interacting from a distance.

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01/10/08 |
Just Like Invisible Wii: Reactrix WAVEscape [PDF] : Video featuring the Samsung Reactrix interactive display using WAVEscape technology. Demonstration of a panda boxing game, the Hilton concierge, and a volleyball game at CES 2008.

01/09/08 | NY Times
A Wave of Information: The technology featured in the blockbuster movie "Minority Report" is coming to a Hilton hotel near you.

01/08/08 |
TV Comes to Life with Gesture Technology [PDF] : Reactrix's WAVEscape advertising platform makes its first appearance was exhibited in partnership with Samsung at this year's CES.

01/08/08 | The Today Show
Today's Tech Segment: "Having the Right Touch" and Tech Blog: Reach Out and Touch This Technology [PDF] : Samsung's Reactrix interactive television featured in segment on NBC's Today Show. TODAY Tech editor Paul Hochman, live from the Consumer Electronics Show, talks about new products that will soon be within your reach.

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01/08/08 |
Hands off: A screen you command in 3D [PDF] : Interactive media company Reactrix has partnered with Samsung to use its Wavescape technology that allows people to interact with one of these high-tech screens from up to 16 feet away.

01/08/08 | TechSmart on
Smart Phones and Smarter Screens Impress at CES [PDF] : Wave of the Future – Teamed up with Samsung, Reactrix's WAVEscape gesture control technology could replace the in-home TV remote control.

01/08/08 | MediaBuyerPlanner
Samsung Unveils Digital Display Technology for Out-of-Home [PDF] : Samsung has signed with Reactrix to incorporate its WAVEscape gesture control technology, which allows viewers to manipulate images and information on the screen by a wave of the hand from 15 feet away.

01/08/08 |
Touched by Tech at Trade Show [PDF] : "Even more touch ambitious is Samsung's Reactrix TV and game system that takes on the Wii by responding to human movement without any need for controllers."

01/08/08 |
Photo from Hilton Hotels and Reactrix Systems at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show [PDF] : At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hilton Hotels and Reactrix Systems announced plans to introduce Reactrix's futuristic interactive flat panel display as a virtual concierge in select hotel lobbies.

01/08/08 |
Samsung Opens a Window to the Future of Television Technology [PDF] : The Samsung LCD monitor takes advantage of a 3D motion-sensing solution developed by interactive media company Reactrix Systems which combines to make a winning hit for advertisers everywhere as an effective way to literally "reach out" to consumers.

01/07/08 | BrandWeek
Hilton's Virtual Concierge Offers Real Commercials [PDF]: The newest system encourages people to interact with, not fast-forward past, ads.

01/04/08 | MediaPost
Samsung, Reactrix To Showcase Ad Platform At CES [PDF] : DIGITAL MEDIA COMPANY REACTRIX SYSTEMS and consumer electronics company Samsung launched an interactive advertising platform Wednesday dubbed WAVEscape and will showcase the system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Jan. 7-10.



12/31/07 | The Wall Street Journal
Technological Gadgets Smarten Up : Samsung, using technology from Reactrix Systems Inc., will bring the movie poster into the 21st century. Gear to be unveiled at CES will project a fully interactive advertising tableau onto a wall or floor as you pass by.

12/17/07 | BrandWeek
Subway Gets Eaters Active With Reactrix [PDF] : Subway's current campaign with interactive ad network Reactrix has consumers in about 186 malls nationwide doing just that.

12/17/07 | The Napa Valley Register
Business Buzz: Solar System Will be Spotlighted at Open House [PDF] : World Savings name change to Wachovia goes interactive.

12/17/07 | Game Daily
Reactrix: The Ads You Play [PDF] : Sure, TV, Internet and Print are key any campaign, but in-store ads can also be leveraged in unique ways. Ads from Reactrix (which have been used for Xbox) allow customers to interact with images for the brand. We chat with Reactrix CEO Mike Ribero.

12/16/07 | Chicago Sun Times
Ad Interaction Gaining Traction [PDF] : Sears' virtual Wish Book – its downsized online catalog – appears larger-than-lifesize suspended in mid-air, with snowflakes moving around it.

12/13/07 |
Reactrix At Mall : A company called Reactrix has taken mall floors to a new level.

12/05/07 | MediaPost
Jim Bell Joins Reactrix [PDF] : FAST-GROWING DIGITAL OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING NETWORK Reactrix Systems has named veteran Madison Avenue media executive Jim Bell senior vice president-sales development and operations.

11/30/07 | Outdoor Advertising Magazine
PQ Media Research Indicates Accelerated Growth for Alternative OOH [PDF] : Reactrix is cited as one of the companies fueling the accelerated expansion of at-road, at-retail, at-transit, and at-events advertising as "brand marketers seek more effective ways to engage mobile consumers during their daily routines."

11/29/07 |
You're Stepping on My Ads! [PDF] : Reactrix has done something very special, they've found a fabulous and engaging new way to advertise.
This is very much the new way. Don't just show me the product, let me engage with it.

11/19/07 | Yahoo! Finance
Reactrix Systems, Inc. Celebrates Its Superbowl on ''Black Friday'' [PDF] : Reactrix Systems, Inc., a leading interactive out-of-home media company, today announced it has successfully secured the "Superbowl" of ad partnerships by selling out its entire mall-based advertising network on retailers' "Black Friday" for the second year in a row.

11/19/07 | Advertising Age
Black Friday, Opaque as Ever [PDF] : Black Friday's for more than just stores. While retailers prepare for Black Friday and its online equivalent, Cyber Monday (the start of the week after Thanksgiving, when consumers begin Christmas shopping at work) some less-traditional marketers are looking for an extra holiday bounce.

11/13/07 | Forbes
Reactrix Gets into the Game This Holiday Season [PDF]: Reactrix Systems, Inc., a leading interactive out-of-home media company, today announced it has secured partnerships from top tier gaming properties, Microsoft Xbox and THQ, to develop multiple creative advertising campaigns that will drive casual gamers into stores this holiday season.

Reactrix Gets THQ, Xbox To Pay For Kids To Stomp On Them [PDF] : Firstly, here's the "Jump In" ad for Xbox, which "...features Reactrix' Brand Positioning (BPS) technology – when a shopper steps on an Xbox logo, graphics pop up that direct them to the closest retailer featuring the product, further enhancing the shoppers' experience and driving sales." In addition: "THQ, Inc., the leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software, partnered with Reactrix to not only drive consumers to retailers this holiday season, but to also add a powerful branding element to their newest gaming releases."

09/27/07 |
Reactrix Systems, Inc. Starts a Ruckus with HopeLab at Digital Life 2007 [PDF]: Premier Digital Out-of-Home Ad Network Uses Interactive GamePlay Technology to Promote 'Ruckus Nation' Competition to Get Kids Moving.

09/27/07 | PC Magazine
Digital Life 2007: At the Digital Life show at the Javits Center in New York City a kid goes nuts over projected virtual balls beamed from a very cool device from Reactrix. The interactive game uses sensors to track your positioning and let you interact with the display. This was one of the most amazing things at the show and a crowd (and child) pleaser.

06/05/07 | Blend Technology
Interview: Microsoft Touches The Surface, Reactrix Goes Deeper [PDF]: Interview on surface technology displays with Matt Bell, Chief Scientist and Founder, and Mike Ribero, CEO.

06/01/07 |
My Reaction To Reactrix [PDF]: I went to the mall and discovered the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

05/14/07 | MediaWeek
Danaher Joins Reactrix Out-of-Home [PDF] : Sue Danaher has joined Reactrix Systems, an out-of-home interactive media company, as president. She joins Reactrix from MTV Networks, where she served as executive vp and general manager of advertising. Danaher will report to Mike Ribero, CEO.

01/18/07 | AKA
Reactrix Scores Hat-Trick With Shopping-Mall Firms, Wins Audience of 136 Million [PDF] : Reactrix Systems has signed deals with three U.S. retail-property owners – General Growth Properties, The Mills, and CBL & Associates Properties – which will allow it to build a network of interactive displays in more than 20 major designated market areas (DMAs) as well as numerous other U.S. markets.

01/01/07 | BrandWeek
The Future of Marketing [PDF] : Once an afterthought, retail has gained prominence in recent years.

01/01/07 | California Centers Magazine
Reactrix Media Network Combines Advertising With Entertainment [PDF]: Reactrix is an exciting new revenue generator that is a proved enhancement for shopping centers and theaters.