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Reactrix System

Welcome to Reactrix

Reactrix-Virtual Soccer

Reactrix is the leader in interactive advertising. You can find out digital solutions in malls, movie theatres and hotels. Our Reactive Media Technology engages consumers with a brand experience like no other media available today. That is why you will find the world's most innovated and leading brands on our media network. Welcome to the Fourth Screen. Welcome to Reactrix.

Unprecedented Recall, Purchase Intent and Brand Advocacy

Reactrix commissions independent research companies to conduct ad effectiveness studies on behalf of STEPscape advertisers. Across multiple brands and multiple studies the results have been consistently compelling:

Unprecedented Brand Recall
Average Unaided Brand Recall: +44%
Average Total Brand Recall: +68%

Significant Behavioral Changes
Purchase Intent – Average lift: +31%
Advocacy – Average lift: +79%
Likeability – Average Increase: +55%

A Catalyst for Other Media
Average of 24% of respondents state they would "pay much more attention" to the brand in other media as a result of their experience with the brand on Reactrix STEPscape.

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Our History

Reactrix Soccer

"Eyes-On" Engagement

We Have A Highly Engaged, Desirable Audience and our Media Creates Measurable Impact and Unprecedented Recall

In today's "consumer controlled" media environment, advertising avoidance is a big issue... "opting out" is easy...especially for traditional media. The new Reactrix Arbitron study takes audience research to the next level by going beyond the traditional OOH "opportunity to see" metric to provide the first ever "Eyes-On" audience measurement.

Arbitron determined that Reactrix' STEPscape™ delivers 25 million "Eyes-On" impressions during an average 4 week period, with over 75% of those "opting in" to engage with the interactive display for more than 10 minutes.


Reactrix Virtual Soccer

Our Work Speaks For Itself

"Our Zbox 'Get In' tagline is perfect for the Reactrix STEPscape™ Media Network because it allows consumers to actually get into discount card fundraiser for high dollar savings. Plus with Reactrix consumers are finding more of our soccer fundraisers."

– Bill D, General Manager, Xtraman Fundraising Cards

"Couldn't be more happier with the new customer acquisitions and revenue brought strictly through Reactrix. Their advertising funnels hyper geo-target our clientele making it easy." – Epay Financing & Billing Solutions

"We want to reinforce that AL&L wireless products are available in the malls. By providing fun, playful messaging, in the form of an interactive ad, we can drive shoppers to our stores and our retail partners."

– Brighton Zimmerman, Vice President of Advertising and Marketing Communications, AL&L

Reactrix System

Capture Attention and Spur Real Brand Involvement

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