Retail Services

Retail Services by Reactrix

Reactrix is a proven in-store enhancement for retail that provides:

  • Increased Location Awareness
  • Stronger Intent to Purchase
  • Showcases New Products and Promotions
  • Enhanced Store Visual Appeal and Branding
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Content Easily Changed based on time of day, audience or promotional needs
  • Media Sales on Your Network Raise Productivity of Unused Space

Reactrix provides turnkey services for affiliate networks.

  • Network and Site Planning
  • High Reliability System
  • Non-Disruptive Installation
  • Onsite & Remote Quality Monitoring & Service
  • Strong Partner

Reactrix Improves the Shopping Experience

More than three out of four consumers feel the Reactrix display improved their experience. Seventy-seven percent of the people who observed Reactrix felt that the display made their shopping trip more fun.

The display attracts shoppers and keeps them coming back. Forty percent of consumers feel the interactive display is a good reason to come back to this shopping center over another. Forty-six percent will probably spend more time at this venue during future visits because of their experiences with the interactive display.

Consumers relate to Reactrix as entertainment instead of advertising. Close to two thirds of consumers told family and friends about the Reactrix display. Sixty-three percent of consumers said they planned to tell friends and family about the display during the on-site interview. When the same consumers were called at home 24 to 72 hours later, 60% said they had already told someone about their experience with the display. Among those who talked about Reactrix, half said they mentioned the display to four or more people.

Capture Attention and Spur Real Brand Involvement

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