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What is the STEPscape Media Network?

The STEPscape™ Media Network is a digital out-of-home media platform that allows consumers to interact with ads. While it is easier than ever to fast forward, turn off or simply ignore advertising, the Reactrix Media Network gets consumers to jump in and engage with the ads – for almost 10 minutes at a time.

Reactrix developed and tested its hardware and software solutions by inventing and deploying the StepScape Media Network - the world's first and largest projected interactive media application.

This network demonstrated the popularity of Reactrix technology with consumers and the potential of the medium as well as the robust nature of our products.


Between 2003 and 2008 The StepScape Media Network:

  • Reached 25MM consumers every month
  • Concentrated in the top 25 DMAs
  • Was a featured destination at the mall or theatre where it is distributed
  • Delivered strong brand recall, advertising effectiveness and consumer purchase intent

Fortune 500 Advertisers and Leading Brands Use Reactrix to:

  • Enhance branding campaigns by providing a high engagement dynamic
  • Further leverage online marketing programs
  • Generate consumer purchase interest at/near the point-of-sale when they are in shopping mode
  • Provide customized messaging to address special local market needs via our real time wireless digital technology
  • Drive consumers into stores with Reactrix BPS (Brand Positioning System) functionality

Bottom line – from enhancing your brand to being the "closer" in an advertising campaign, the Reactrix Media Network is the perfect place for your advertising message. This ground breaking application, still being operated today by the 4 major REITs and a large advertising company, proved that interactive gestural projection technology could be an effective advertising vehicle.

Capture Attention and Spur Real Brand Involvement

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