Reactrix is a groundbreaking interactive media display solution that enables people to physically become part of and interact with visual content.

Reactrix projects vivid digital images that instantly respond to people who walk by or gesture over the display area, creating an immersive" media experience that makes floors, walls and tabletops come alive with uncanny interactivity and dramatic visual effects.
The Reactrix system combines state-of-the-art digital projection, motion-sensing and computer animation technologies.

The digital projection component projects interactive images onto any flat surface.

The motion-sensing component closely tracks people moving over or in front of the projected display area, sensing every step and gesture as people interact with the images.

The computer animation component causes the projected images to instantly change and animate in response to people's motion and gestures, as detected by the motion-sensing component.

Together, these components create an immersive" media experience that enables people to become an integral part of the content – -changing, controlling and manipulating the content with their every movement and gesture.
The power of Reactrix to attract, captivate and motivate consumers – -converting them from passive viewers of media into active participants in media-- has inspired many uses:

Retailers use Reactrix to draw customers into their stores and keep them there longer, provide product information, promote special offers and entertain customers while they wait for service.

Advertisers use Reactrix to create a high-impact brand presence and to drive product sales via interactive promotional content.

Public spaces such as office buildings, transportation centers, shopping malls and sports arenas use Reactrix to welcome visitors, provide information and generate ad revenues.

Trade shows and other event venues and exhibitors use Reactrix to greet attendees, provide information and showcase products.

Nightclubs, casinos and other entertainment venues use Reactrix to create a more engaging, fun and aesthetically compelling environment for their patrons.

We can create an exciting and effective media solution for your needs, too!
Our team of creative designers and animation experts will work with you to turn any concept or existing visual content into a dazzling immersive media experience. We can integrate your visual content into one of our many special effects templates, or design a completely customized solution.
If you are interested in harnessing the power of Reactrix media for your retail, public, trade show, event or entertainment needs, our sales consultants can help design the right solution for your goals.
Yes. In addition to providing complete Ractrix solutions to the retail, commercial real estate, trade show, corporate event and entertainment industries, we also help advertisers energize their campaigns and improve their performance.

We work closely with advertisers and their agencies to create special, limited-run Reactrix installations for product launches, promotions and other initiatives. We also are building a network of Reactrix systems in prime public locations across the U.S. and around the world. This network gives advertisers the ability to attract and embrace customers with high-impact, immersive branding and promotions, targeted by demographic, day part, geography and other attributes. Our sales consultants can help you craft an effective Reactrix media campaign for your advertising goals.
Pricing for a Reactrix solution depends on a variety of factors related to, for example, how the system(s) will be used, the location(s) where the system(s) will be installed, the number of systems that will be deployed, the schedule for deployment of the system(s) and the content requirements. Our sales consultants are ready to help you select the best solution for your needs, at the most cost-effective price.
A typical Reactrix system includes a Reactor" unit (the hardware component which houses the motion-sensing and computer processing technologies) and a digital projector. The Reactor unit is comparable in size to a typical desktop PC and the digital projector can range in size, depending on projection power required, from that of a tabletop digital projector used in conference rooms to a typical desktop PC. The combined system, including the mount that attaches the system to whatever support structure is used, can measure up to approximately 3 feet long by 2.5 feet wide by 2 feet high.
Using our special mounting frames, we can attach a Reactrix system to a ceiling (including recessed in or hanging below a drop ceiling), wall, beam or other building structural element, or to a truss or other rigging element including a wide variety of free-standing, modular truss systems we can provide as part of a complete site deployment package.
We first spend time with the client to clarify the client's goals and requirements for deploying a Reactrix system. Our authorized field operations team then conducts an on-site survey to assess the light conditions, structural elements, design attributes and other aspects of the location where the system will be installed. We then recommend a mounting solution (ceiling, truss, etc.) and configure a system to provide the most cost-effective, high-quality media experience and also to integrate as seamlessly as possible into the site's architecture and design.